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What I Did Over Summer Break

Daniel Woods
Summer, 2004

Daniel on The Automator (V13) Daniel Woods has been packing in quite a bit of climbing this summer and setting more "youngster" records. At 14-years-old, he became the youngest to boulder V13 by sending Dave Graham's "The Automator" in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP). He did it in three days on July 6th after sending it the day before with a technicality commonly known as a "dab".

Daniel at the first crux of Lung Fish (5.14a) Over a span of five days in late June at Rifle, Colorado, Daniel managed the equivalent of a Straight Flush in poker terms. His attempt to onsight "Fringe Dweller" (5.13a) was unsuccessful, but he did manage to redpoint it next go - the red 10. Continuing in the redpoint suit, Daniel went on playing an impressive hand consisting of the Jack, "Dry Doctor" (5.13b); the Queen, "Skeletor" (5.13c); the King, "Bride of Frankenstein" (5.13d); and the Ace, "Lung Fish" (5.14a).

Daniel on Midnight Lightning (V8) In Sacramento, California, on July 11th, Daniel walked away with yet another USA Climbing Junior National Championship title. The next day he "relaxed" in Yosemite by sending "Midnight Lightning" (V8) in a day.

In Rumney, New Hampshire, on July 26, after climbing in persistent rain, Daniel redpointed "Parallel Universe" (5.14a) as well as several other stout 5.13s. Then he flew back home to Colorado with his New Hampshire posse, Zeb Engberg and Vasya Vorotnikov, and met up with another talented young climber from New Mexico, Jon Cardwell. On their way to Rifle, Daniel polished off "Shine" (5.14a) in Clear Creek Canyon.

Daniel on The Cracked Open Sky (5.13d) While in Rifle, on his 15th birthday, Daniel redpointed "The Cracked Open Sky" (5.13d) in three tries... with no kneebars! (That's gotta be a grade or two harder.) When last seen, he was working on "The Crew" (5.14b) with no kneebars. If it goes, it will certainly be a first.

Daniel on Still Too Weak (5.14a) a year earlier In one last fling before school started, Daniel made his biannual pilgrimage to the Outdoor Retailers Trade Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. On Saturday, August 14, Daniel took a break from the Trade Show and repeated "Super Tweak" (5.14b) in Logan Canyon. He sent it in only three tries in one day! Though, he did work on "Still Too Weak" (5.14a) for a day a year earlier, which shares the bottom half of "Super Tweak", he had to re-learn the lower crux sequences.

© 2004, Steve Woods

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